Volkswagen vehicles are known for being durable, but there are times when they’re in need of repair. At Mac’s Radiator and Automotive, you can have your Volkswagen repaired by professionals who have been in the industry for 70 years. Clients at Mac’s Radiator and Automotive are able to get the best-of-the-best servicing by qualified professionals with state-of-the-art equipment.

It’s always best to get your Volkswagen regularly serviced; this will reduce the chances of expensive Volkswagen repairs. When you bring your Volkswagen into Mac’s Radiator and Automotive, we’ll ensure that it’s in tiptop shape. We understand that your vehicle is important to you — you need it for work, family, and your hobbies. And that makes your vehicle important to us.

Not only do we have an array of awards and certifications, but we have a long list of satisfied customers who know that we do everything that we can do to help, We truly believe in delivering only the best in Volkswagen Service and Volkswagen Repair, to ensure that our customers get everything that they need to take care of their vehicle.


The Most Common Volkswagen Repair Issues

Some issues are more common in different vehicle models. We’ve seen some common Volkswagen Service and Volkswagen Repair issues.

  • Check engine lights. It sometimes seems that the check engine light comes on for no reason at all. It is on for a reason, but the reason can be any number of things: a loose gas cap, faulty sensors, catalytic converters, spark plugs, or overheating. We can diagnose all the most common issues.
  • Harness shorts. A harness short tends to occur in Jettas most frequently and it’s something that we are well-acquainted with and well-prepared to fix.
  • Airbag malfunction lights. Several models of Volkswagen vehicles have airbag issues and an airbag malfunction issue can occur around 100,000 miles. This has to be addressed immediately because it’s very dangerous. If you crash and your airbag malfunctions, the crash could be injurious or even fatal.
  • Coil failures. Passats tend to experience a coil failure around 75,000 miles. You would need to get your coils fixed.
  • Oil sludge. Oil sludge can build up over time, usually starting to cause issues around 70,000 to 90,000 miles in Volkswagen cars. If you talk your vehicle in for Volkswagen Service regularly, this won’t become a problem.

These repair issues are things that our technicians are very skilled in identifying and addressing.

Though a Volkswagen is a very popular car, it’s important to note that it’s still considered a European vehicle. Not every automotive repair shop will have its parts in place, nor will they have technicians skilled at repairing it.

At Mac’s Radiator and Automotive, we frequently have parts on hand for Volkswagen vehicles. We can help you diagnose your issues, get you a quote for those issues, and get your vehicle back into top condition. Furthermore, we’ll work to ensure that you’re doing everything you can do to prevent further issues and improve the reliability of your vehicle in the future.


Current Volkswagen Recalls

Occasionally, a manufacturing issue may be serious enough to require a recall. The most recent Volkswagen recalls include:

  • The Volkswagen 2022 Taos. An under hood fuel supply quick connector may become detached, leading to a fuel leak and potentially a crash.
  • The Volkswagen 2022 Taos. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) may sometimes stall when the vehicle is stopped, potentially causing a crash.
  • The Volkswagen 2021 ID.4.  Some seatbelt assemblies may not include the automatic locking retractor (ALR) which could lead to injury if the vehicle crashes.
  • The Volkswagen 2021 ID.4. Some vehicles may have been installed with vertical, rather than horizontal, headlight aim, making it difficult to aim headlights.
  • The Volkswagen 2020-2021 Atlas. The front steering knuckle could potentially fracture, which could lead to a loss of vehicle control.

These Volkswagen Recalls mean that your vehicle needs a repair quickly. You need to bring in your car for repair and you aren’t going to need to pay anything for the repair because it’s a manufacturing issue.

While your vehicle is in for a recall repair, consider getting it checked and serviced. It’s the perfect time to ensure that everything is right with your car.

If you aren’t sure whether any of these recalls (or any other recalls) apply to your Volkswagen car, you can call us for a consultation. During servicing, we’ll do our due diligence to make sure your vehicle is up to standards and safe.


Get Your Volkswagen Serviced Today

Don’t wait until your Volkswagen is in need of repair. Getting your Volkswagen serviced regularly can head off any more expensive repairs — and ensure that your vehicle remains predictable and reliable. We can get your vehicle serviced and repaired quickly, so you can hit the road again.