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  • This is the best auto shop in Portland!! The mechanics are awesome, the rates are amazing the service is fast and friendly!! A special thank you to a great mechanic and a man I get to personally call my friend, Kevin, for always taking such good care of my car! I honestly don’t know much about cars and Mac’s always keeps my car looking and running great!!Brittany D
  • Mac’s is honest, won’t recommend work you don’t need and does quality work for a fair price. I drive all the way from North Vancouver to get work done there. They’ve earned my trust and respect over many years.Douglas C

We love the Subaru!

The brand’s been around since the 1950s. We don’t feel its age because the manufacturer has managed to build a rep that makes the Subaru come across as contemporary and as modernized as any younger vehicle.

These rides built their rep on boxer engines, a horizontally opposed piston engine where, untypically, cylinders can be found on the side of the central crankshaft. It was a revolutionary move, creating what was essentially a 180 degree angle V engine between cylinder banks. The box engineering became standard, much like the Symmetrical All Wheel Drive Subaru introduced in 1972.

The Subaru customer’s an exclusive one. In this part of the world, the car may not be as popular as some, but those behind the wheel love this affordable vehicle. They find it practical and unaffected. They love its great visibility, economic fueling, easy access, and roomy interiors. The latest models coming off the assembly line — the Outback, Legacy, BRZ — still come out on top in surveys and customer satisfaction. A history Subaru has maintained since day one.

At Mac’s, we lead in servicing the Subaru all over Portland and the surrounding areas. We love what we do and can promise solving problems affordably on your beloved car.


Common Repair Issues for the Subaru


Narrowing down issues with any car model can be taxing. The fact is creating a list implies nothing else outside of the list could happen. But it can. Brake noise, oil dilution, a cold engine starts emitting smoke, wrinkles in the seats, these are only the tip of the iceberg.

For the most part, Subaru riders continue to enjoy their driving experiences. But they know problems can crop up. Most often common ones. Mac’s Repair is here to help identify and employ necessary maintenance to your vehicle and get it back to peak form in fast, affordable manners.

Find below a brief summary of the more common problems you may encounter with your Subaru. If you’re in Beaverton or Salem and see signs of trouble, bring the car into  Mac’s Automotive & Radiator Repair, the region’s leader in Subaru maintenance and service.Air Conditioning O-Rings

One common issue that comes up with the Subaru is warm air blowing through the vents. This is an indication an O-ring may be defective. O-rings are critical to a/c functionality. They keep refrigerant from leaking. They also play a big part in connecting radiator condensers and serpentine belt compressors.

Head Gaskets

Areas designed for coolant and engine oil passage allow even flow through head gaskets. Leaks in and out of the engine are the result of a defective head gasket. If coolant or oil is getting into the exhaust, you’ll get a smell that won’t be easy to ignore. Avoiding the issue is as simple as paying attention to coolant and oil levels. If they’re dropping too rapidly, especially after routine maintenance on the vehicle, you want to have a tech take a look.

Inner Joint Boots

Transmissions and wheels, where would your car be without them? Issues with the axle will show you. Through its engineering, the axle ensures joints are greased, thus allowing the engine to run smoothly and keep the car moving. The DOJ (double offset joint), also called the inner boot, is set near the Subaru exhaust system. The inner boot’s susceptible to wearing out and splitting. Boom, problem. The first sign is when, like the head gasket, a burning smell emits from the exhaust.

Front Suspension

During routine maintenance like oil and filter changes, you should always ask for an inspection of the rubber elements in the front suspension. The rubber here can gradually deteriorate. This is more likely to happen in dry climates, where temperatures and other elements can cause wear and cracks.

Thanks to quick and ready attendance to these and other Subaru glitches, the neighborhoods of Boise are more than familiar with the certified and proven auto work of ALL Mac’s Automotive & Radiator Repair. We’re keen on using expertise and creativity to keep your Subaru on the road.


Why Mac’s Automotive & Radiator Repair?


We understand how frustrating it can be when your vehicle’s in trouble. It disrupts the entire flow of your lifestyle. Getting the family around, commuting to work, and all the other duties you turn to that Subaru for. Trust, in Bend or Eugene, we’ll get you in and out as quickly as possible.

The team here is all about auto repair, customer satisfaction, and convenience. Drag, unusual sounds, air conditioning snafus, we’ve seen it all and dealt with them accordingly. And we’ve figured out the best and quickest and most affordable means to ease concerns, and get our customers back in their Subaru on the road safe and sound.

Our skilled team of auto repair techs utilizes the latest and greatest in computer diagnostics. We investigate and uncover whatever’s creating instability in your car. We know when it comes to your Subaru, you want to partner with transparent and reliable automotive repair services. Well, let us prove you’re looking for Mac’s Automotive & Radiator Repair.

Top of the line quality customer service and repair in all its ventures, that’s our mantra. Between our deep 21 point visual inspections to climbing into the engine or crawling under the chassis, we’ll do what it takes to keep your car in superior condition.

For auto repair above and beyond, stop in at an Mac’s Automotive & Radiator Repair shop. We’re everywhere. In Bend, Salem, Portland, Beaverton, Boise, and Eugene, we’re vehicle maintenance at its finest.

Having issues with your Subaru? Give us a call.

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