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  • This is the best auto shop in Portland!! The mechanics are awesome, the rates are amazing the service is fast and friendly!! A special thank you to a great mechanic and a man I get to personally call my friend, Kevin, for always taking such good care of my car! I honestly don’t know much about cars and Mac’s always keeps my car looking and running great!!Brittany D
  • Mac’s is honest, won’t recommend work you don’t need and does quality work for a fair price. I drive all the way from North Vancouver to get work done there. They’ve earned my trust and respect over many years.Douglas C

Mac’s Automotive Service and Radiator Repair is a one stop shop for all your Nissan service and repair needs. Our mechanics have extensive knowledge of Nissan repair and Nissan service protocols. We have five locations in Oregon & Idaho to serve you.

Our Nissan Service and Repair Shops




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Mac’s Automotive and Radiator Repair was founded in 1947 in Portland, Oregon. Mac’s is a family owned business that’s been around for three generations. With our deep family roots, our goal is to treat our customers like family.


Nissan Repair Services

Before we go into the services we provide, we want you to know you are in good hands. For most of the services we provide, we offer a two year 24,000 mile warranty. Some of the parts that you purchase from us have a lifetime warranty. We have served our communities for years. Check out some of our testimonials

Brake Replacement Service and Repair

From the master cylinder to the brake pads, we have all your brake needs covered. We replace worn-out pads. We can replace or turn your rotors. We inspect the brake lines. We also check and replace the brake fluid.

Transmission Services

We will flush out your transmission, and we will replace the fluid. Doing this will increase the lifespan of your car’s transmission. At Mac’s, we use the highest grade or manufacturer’s recommended fluid.

Tune Up Services

We will replace your spark plugs. We will clean or replace your fuel injectors. Your air filter will be inspected and replaced if needed. Wires, connections, hoses, and belts will be thoroughly inspected and replaced if needed, to make sure you have the best driving experience.

From the air conditioning to the suspension system, we can handle all issues. From the grease spot to the gaskets, any issues you have with your engine, we can take care of it. We will inspect, charge, or replace your battery. From the headlights, to the brake lights, to the sun visor lights, we can deal with it. If there is an issue that was not mentioned, call us, and we can talk about it.

Common Issues With Nissan Vehicles


Nissan Timing Chain Defects

If you are experiencing timing chain issues with your Nissan, our technicians can solve those problems. The timing chain is a chain in the front of your engine that is attached to gears and pulleys that power other components. This chain must be calibrated with precision so other parts of the engine connected to it can operate properly.

Over time, due to wear and tear, the timing chain can get loose. This event can cause loud noises from your engine. Other parts of the engine can receive severe damage if the timing chain is not properly maintained.

At Mac’s, we will address these issues, and have your car sounding good and running with efficiency.


Automatic Emergency Braking Issues In Nissan’s

Newer model Nissans come with an AEB system. AEB stands for automatic emergency braking. This system is made up of cameras and sensors in the front of the car that detects solid objects within the car’s path.

Malfunctions within the AEB system is an issue that Nissan owners have been dealing with. A defect within the AEB system can cause the car to brake without warning. Another issue is when the AEB system causes false-positive warning lights on the dashboard.

These problems can cause serious heartache and accidents. Bring your car to Mac’s, and we can address these issues. We deal with all problems related to the braking system.


Problems With The ESCL

ESCL stands for electronic steering column lock. This system keeps the steering wheel locked which in turn will not let the automatic ignition engage. The ESCL system is there to prevent thieves from stealing your car. The ESCL system releases the steering wheel when the key for the car is in range of the vehicle.

When the ESCL system malfunctions in a Nissan, the driver will not be able to start their vehicle. This situation can be a real pain. The ESCL is designed to prevent theft, but at the same time when it’s not operating correctly, the car will treat the owner like a thief.

Mac’s Automotive Service is familiar with this issue. We have the technicians and the tools for this problem.


Faulty Gas Gauge Readings

The gas gauge on the dashboard lets you know how much gas the vehicle has. The gas gauge communicates with the gas tank through resistors, floats, and sensors. This is a straight-forward system that most cars get right, but problems with the gas gauge have been an issue with certain vehicles within the Nissan lineup.

Between the gas gauge and the gas tank is a component called the sender. Certain Nissan models have issues with the sender. When the sender malfunctions, it can cause the gas gauge to display inaccurate amounts of gas in the tank.

If you have this issue, bring your car to Mac’s Automotive service, and we will resolve the issue. We have seen this problem before, and we know exactly what to do.


The Best Nissan Repair

We can handle any Nissan repair. We care about our customers, and we strive to be as transparent and honest as possible when it comes to diagnosing and tackling your car problems. With that being our main priority, we can provide you with the best prices available. Our goal is to make you part of the Mac’s family. Whenever you or a loved one has a problem with your vehicle, you can bring it to Mac’s Automotive Service and Radiator Repair.

For any questions, you can call any of our six locations. You can also call to set an appointment, or if you are in the neighborhood, you can walk in.


We Know Nissan Vehicles


Nissan is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world, and they have some nice vehicles on the roads. From the electric powered Leaf to the sporty Maxima sedan, Nissan has provided the world with some of the most popular vehicles.

When it comes to sports cars, Nissan has the 370Z and the GT-R. Nissan has a long line of SUVs and crossovers like the Pathfinder, Armada, Murano, Rogue, and Kicks. As far as trucks go, they have the Frontier and the Titan. Within their car line, they have the Maxima, Altima, Sentra, Versa, and Leaf.

Infiniti is the luxury division of Nissan. The QX50, the QX60, and the QX80 are all part of their new SUV lineup. The Q50 and the Q60 are part of their sedan and coupe lineup.

Being that Nissan is a known and popular car manufacturer, they have a lot of older models on the road. Whether it’s the J30 or the Q45, we can tackle any issue that comes your way.

Mac’s Automotive Service and Radiator Repair is familiar with every make and model that Nissan Manufacturers. We have highly skilled mechanics that have years of experience dealing with the Nissan product.

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