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About your Jeep

Jeeps rule at Mac’s Radiator and Automotive Service. Some of our most loyal customers are Jeep owners that wouldn’t dream of doing their Jeep repair at any other auto repair shop.

These vehicles have strong roots in Oregon dating back to 1972. Jeep’s Wrangler has been so popular that it has surpassed both Cherokee and Grand Cherokee sales. In fact, the 2017 Jeep Wrangler was listed among the top ten cars with the best resale value award by Kelly Blue Book. Along with easily handling rugged terrain and adjusting to Oregon’s wet weather conditions, Jeeps are also a great investment in a vehicle that can get you where others can’t!


Why trust us with your Jeep repair?

We have the expert technicians you need. Add to the mix a Jeep repair facility boasting state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to ensure optimal performance and loads of experience fixing and repairing a variety of Jeep models old and new including:

  • Wrangler
  • Cherokee
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Patriot
  • Liberty
  • Commander
  • Compass
  • Renegade
  • Comanche
  • Grand Wagoneer
  • CJ


Common Jeep Repair Issues

Jeeps often keep running even when there are issues with them. We’ve heard many Jeep owners say, “I can’t believe it needs that much work, I haven’t done anything to it in years!” Jeeps just keep on truckin’!

Jeeps have a reputation as being tough, rugged and capable vehicles. As a result, routine maintenance is often overlooked which can lead to larger, more expensive repairs down the road. But as tough and rugged as they are, even a Jeep needs some TLC every now and again. And when it does, we’re ready. We thought it would be useful to mention some of the more common Jeep repair issues that we deal with here at Mac’s Radiator & Automotive Service:


  • Suspension components including track bars, drag links, ball joints and tie rod ends
  • Cooling components including water pumps and radiators
  • Axle shaft and drive shaft  U-joints
  • Oil leaks
  • Engine and transmission mounts
  • Alignment

If your Jeep is experiencing any of these issues, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced Jeep repair mechanics know exactly how to fix any Jeep repair issue.  Following your repair, you can drive away knowing that your Jeep will continue to serve you well for many more miles.


Repair costs:

Repairing your Jeep can be costly. We help you cut costs by prioritizing repairs that need immediate attention versus ones that can wait by sourcing the best parts for the money and by providing the best mechanics to work on your car. That’s what makes our prices VERY competitive.



We generally use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts ONLY if they are cost-efficient. Otherwise, we’ll source an equally durable aftermarket part. We’ll help you save money!


FAQs about your Jeep:

We know you like to be informed with accurate information when it comes to buying and owning a car. So when it comes to maintenance, you want to be sure your Jeep enters a reputable, knowledgeable and reliable auto repair shop. At any of our seven location across Oregon and Idaho, Mac’s Radiator & Automotive Service is backed by years of experience and specialized expertise to answer the most frequently asked questions about your Jeep:

Why does my Jeep shake at certain speeds?

Because it has an axle design with a 5 link suspension. Any worn steering and suspension components can lead to Axle Shake or Tire Bounce resulting in uncontrolled death wobble in some cases.

Why is my Jeep so loud when I first start it?

Many different Jeep models have exhaust manifolds that develop cracks. In some cases these are large enough to allow escaping exhaust gasses to melt mounts and wires. In other words, it may be more than just an exhaust leak that needs to be repaired.

Why does my lifted Jeep vibrate on acceleration or deceleration?

Because the increased angle of the Axles/Drive shafts cause extra wear on drive-shaft U-joints. This is another reason why it’s important to design and implement 4X4 modifications by an experienced professional.

Call Mac’s Radiator & Automotive Service for the Best in Jeep Repair. You’ll be glad you did!