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  • This is the best auto shop in Portland!! The mechanics are awesome, the rates are amazing the service is fast and friendly!! A special thank you to a great mechanic and a man I get to personally call my friend, Kevin, for always taking such good care of my car! I honestly don’t know much about cars and Mac’s always keeps my car looking and running great!!Brittany D
  • Mac’s is honest, won’t recommend work you don’t need and does quality work for a fair price. I drive all the way from North Vancouver to get work done there. They’ve earned my trust and respect over many years.Douglas C

honda civic on its way to get repairedMac’s Radiator & Automotive Service is the ultimate solution for all your Honda service and repair needs. Mac’s Radiator & Automotive Service is a family-owned business that has served generations of Honda Owners in the Pacific Northwest since the happy days of 1947.

We are focused on building lifelong customers. We want you to feel comfortable and understand everything we are working on. You are never kept in the dark about when your vehicle will be ready, how the repair is coming along, or how much it might cost.

Our technicians are ASE certified and qualified to carry out any Honda repair. You can relax and know that your Honda is in good hands and that you are getting the best value for your money. We focus on making our customers comfortable and do our best to accommodate your daily schedules with pickups and deliveries.


Find a Honda Repair Center

 Honda owners regularly refer their friends and families for expert service at any of our six shops, conveniently located in Eugene, Beaverton, Portland, Salem, Boise, and Bend, Oregon.

Have your Honda vehicle services by certified technicians who care. The only surefire way to protect your investment and the safety of your family is to have your Honda serviced by the experts in auto repair.

Remember Mac’s Radiator & Automotive Service when your Honda trustworthy and reliable service. We can restore your Honda back to its prime and have you enjoying life again that very same day. Call us and schedule an appointment, or simply stop by at your leisure. We’ll be oh so happy to assist you! Trust your good neighbors at Mac’s Radiator & Automotive Service for optimum service and repair.


Common Honda Repairs


Honda’s are, for the most part, some of the most reliable vehicles on the roads and worth maintaining. However, Your Honda will require a lot more repair if you allow them to degrade and fail to keep up with regular maintenance. 

Preventative maintenance is the key to a long lasting Honda vehicle. Most catastrophic failures could have been avoided or minimized with regular maintenance and inspections. 

However, if you have certain models, you are bound to encounter specific issues with the Takata airbags, CR-V door locks and dead batteries, flaky safety sensors, flaky starter motors, and power steering noises.


Honda A/C Compressor Freeze

The A/C systems can seize up and release contamination shrapnel that wreaks havoc on other parts of the system. Honda A/C repairs require special equipment to capture the toxic refrigerant and properly flush the system of debris. 

This problem most often occurs in the Honda CR-V models and dates as far back as 2002 models. However, you may also experience odor problems or water drainage issues with any Honda model. These items are an easy fix that our Honda technicians often encounter.

At times, leaky seals and degrading hoses can leak off refrigerant and reduce the effectiveness of the A/C unit. You may see a chalky white residue around unions and hoses when you lift the hood. This white residue indicates that you have a leak. Finding leaks is not always easy and sometimes requires the use of a special UV dye detection compound. The necessity of our experienced Honda technicians for any A/C repair is evident.

man repairing a honda carYour Honda Rough Idles

Honda’s can develop rough idle issues when the throttle or idle valve is gummed up. While it may seem like an easy fix, great care must be taken when you are dealing with sensitive electronics in newer models. 

A computer technician may be needed to readjust the throttle position or to check for other misfire codes that indicate a deeper running problem. In some cases, a rough idle occurs because there is an air leak in hoses and seals, anywhere in the engine bay. Our technicians are experts at pinpointing these vacuum leaks and restoring your vehicle back to its full power and ideal fuel economy.


Premature Brake Wear On Hondas

While the problems with premature brake wear may be an engineering defect in modern electronic brake designs, you can significantly reduce the expense of replacement. Investing in high-quality pads and cryogenically reinforced rotors that are built for durability prevents the problem of warped rotors and premature wear. We have access to a wide range of custom brake options and can recommend the best type for your vehicle. Cryogenic rotors can extend the life of your brake system by 300 percent.

Honda Transmission Failure

Premature transmission failure plagued Honda’s lineup in the 1999-2004 generation. These transmissions were dying at 70,000 miles. Most of the vehicles have likely encountered the problem, and, as a result, owners have likely replaced the transmissions with new or remanufactured units. In any regard, we recognize that transmission leaks are a common culprit in any model and can generate excess heat that, in turn, leads to premature failure. Internal heat is the primary cause of transmission failure.

A lot of the newer transmissions are sealed units that have to be checked using a computer diagnostic tool at the proper temperature. Our technicians have the factory specifications and training to inspect and repair maintenance issues with your transmission. If you are experiencing hard shifts, late engagement, slippage, or you, otherwise, notice any oil spots under your vehicle when it’s parked, take notice. We may be able to save you thousands of dollars on a down payment or major repairs by catching leaks early.


Blown Head Gaskets

It is not uncommon for a Honda engine to overheat and blow a head gasket. This may be due to the water pump seizing, a failed thermostat, or blockage in the cooling system. The head gaskets also degrade over time from constant cooling contractions and heat expansion.

If you do not check your head gasket and cooling system when you have other services performed, you run a high risk of blowing it. This will cause catastrophic damage to the engine and often requires a full engine replacement to correct the damage. White puffs of sweet-smelling vapor flowing out of your hood may be the final warning sign before the engine is toast.


Excessive Oil Consumption In Honda Vehicles

Honda engines are designed for performance. Honda has built its reputation upon building precision engines that withstand heavy duty cycles. Excessive oil consumption is a problem because it forces drivers to regularly check and top off the oil themselves. It also leads to premature wear and heavy deposits of carbon and other contaminants inside the engine.

Our technicians can help solve your oil consumption problems by recommending the ideal oil for your vehicle and reducing internal wear. Worn piston rings and hardened seals can all contribute to excess oil consumption in high-mileage engines. Running a full synthetic, a performance filter, and a heavier weight than you might ordinarily use can all produce immediate benefits. At times, we may even recommend an oil stabilizer to help reduce oil consumption if the problem is severe.

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