Chevrolet owners choose Mac’s Radiator and Automotive Service for car services and repairs We have been proudly providing auto service to car owners throughout Oregon and Idaho for over 70 years, and we have enjoyed every minute of it. At our facility, we boast the latest equipment, tools, and technology, along with traditional, family oriented customer service. We think this is the best combination, especially when it comes to Chevy service.

We look out for you. When you bring your Chevrolet into our car repair shop, we will clearly and thoroughly explain to you what is going on. Your beloved Chevy is behind those closed doors at our auto service center. You, most likely, don’t know what is going on. We will make sure you do. From the moment you enter our facility, we have entered a partnership with you. Tell us your goals and budget for your Chevrolet, and we will do our best to accomplish your goals, while still adhering to your budget

Mac’s Radiator and Automotive Service boasts an impressive array of awards and certifications. What is the secret to our success? We put our heart and soul into our business. When we service and repair your Chevy, we are doing what we love. When we explain to you about the progress of your vehicle, we truly care about making sure you understand what is going on. Mac’s Radiator and Automotive Service is like our second family, and we treat our Chevy owners as members of our second family.


Common Chevy Repairs For You To Look Out For

Each Chevrolet has its own personality, strengths and weaknesses. Over the years we’ve become experts in identifying and making some of the most common Chevy problems Repairs including:

  • A/C is Never Cold Because of Leaky Condenser
  • Faulty Ignition Switch Can Cut Off Power and Disable Airbags
  • Vibrations and Wind Buffeting in GM’s Full Size Trucks and SUVs
  • Chevy Trucks and SUVs Have a Cracked Dashboard Problem
  • Antifreeze Leaks and Smell.


Call Mac’s Radiator & Automotive Service for the Best in Chevrolet Repair. You’ll be glad you did!