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New Years Resolutions for Car Owners

Make the most of the new year by considering these New Year’s Resolutions for your car. There’s no sense in letting your car fall apart for the new year.

As such, with the new year ringing in, you may want to consider some of these resolutions to make sure your car’s health is as fit and revitalized as your own.

This article will discuss some of the top resolutions you can make for the longevity of your car. After all, you promised to improve your own health. Why not make sure your vehicle is healthy, too?


New Years Resolutions for Car Owners

1. Oil Changes


You probably don’t think much about your car’s oil until you suddenly find yourself low on oil or your car makes that inevitable ding and informs you that it needs a change.

However, oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Just like the human body, without blood, it cannot function. A car cannot function–at least not function well–without oil.

Essentially, oil keeps the moving parts of the vehicle from grinding against each other. It keeps things lubricated. Without oil, those parts start to rub against each other and it can create massive amounts of wear. Before you know it, those parts are breaking down, and you might find yourself stranded on the side of a highway.

As such, you should make it a New Year’s resolution to have your car’s oil changed regularly.


2. Tire Changes


With travel being a large part of many people’s New Years, tires should especially be taken care of. It takes little time to take a little walk around your car while it’s warming up to inspect your tires.

Are any of them flat? If so, is it the weather or is the tire damaged?

You can certainly fill the tire up, but keeping a close eye on that tire to determine if the weather is just playing a role in its deflation or if something more dangerous happened to it. In the event that it needs replacing, your local tire shop experts can help you by replacing them with strong and lasting tires that would surely brighten up the start of your 2019 year.

Another aspect to consider about your tires is the treads. Again, you may not think twice about it until you’re suddenly slipping around on the street. Treads give your car the ability to cling to the road despite it being slippery. Four-wheel drive can certainly help you in certain conditions, but if the tread on your tires is worn down, it isn’t going to do much.

Finally, the alignment of your tires is also an important feature of your car’s health. Sometimes, this can be what causes the wear on a tire’s tread. If a car is leaking too heavily to one side, then that tire is under considerable pressure and weight. The wear will be worn down significantly.

Alignment problems can also affect how you drive. You may notice that you have to hold the steering wheel a certain way in order to drive straight. Because a problem with your alignment can cause quite a few other problems, it’s imperative that you make the New Year’s resolution to bring your car in for a tire check and alignment. It will only help your car last longer.


3. Give your car a bath


You wouldn’t go an entire year without showering, right? Then why wouldn’t you clean your car, too?

Your vehicle sees a lot of abuse on the road. Salt, grime, and even dead bugs on the windshield are all nasty blemishes that the exterior of your car has to deal with. While your windshield wipers can take care of some of the mess, those bristles still contain some of that mess. Not to mention, that salt can linger on your car for a long time and make it look old.

Other harsh chemicals that snow plows and other street maintenance vehicles use to make the roads drivable can play havoc with your car. They can slowly eat away at the paint and allow rust to form.

Everyone should know that rust and cars do not get along well together. Rust can slowly eat away at your car’s exterior until it starts to chip away. You can suddenly find holes in your car that allow mice and other vermin access to the interior of your car through. Not to mention other weather elements that can destroy the interior of your car by leaking through the holes.

Take it through a car wash now and then can help prevent the onset of rust. It’s not that expensive and your car will come out looking great. More importantly, by removing all of that salt, grime, and other harsh chemicals, you can preserve your car for another few years.

Make the New Year’s resolution to go through more car washes.



In addition, keeping the interior of your car clean is a great promise to make to yourself. Whether the interior of your vehicle is cloth or leather, it should be taken care of. If you spill some coffee or a drink, then take the time to clean it. Spills can eat away at the interior and invite bugs and vermin to eat at crumbs and drink the spilled liquid. Your car isn’t a storage compartment either.

It can be easy to just leave items in your car to pick up later. Do you ever actually pick them up though? These items can be extremely attractive to vermin who like to nest inside of cars during the winter. All of that junk just sitting there and untouched is practically a haven for them.

To keep your car safe, healthy, and vermin-free, take the time to clean it. Everyone loves that new car smell.

You can keep it lasting longer by making the New Year’s resolution to regularly clean the inside of your car.


checking the engine oil level during an oil change: keeping your fluids up to date is an important new years resolution to make for your car


4. Keep Service Records Organized


No one likes paperwork. However, often the hardest part of paperwork is just finding the paperwork in the first place. With the new year upon you, you should take the time to create a filing system for all of your service records. For those who intend to sell their car someday, or if you need the information for warranty purposes, it’s essential that you keep a well-organized filing system. You can easily do this by making some room in a cabinet at your computer, in a safe, or even just your own file cabinet. If you don’t happen to have any of those, then some good old plastic bags will do. Clearly label what each bag is and slip those brake service receipts and paperwork into them.

It also doesn’t hurt to stay on top of when you need to update your driving license, too. No one wants to spend a weekend waiting in line at the DMV. By being proactive with your paperwork, you can stay on top of when you need to renew your license. By going early, you can save yourself time–and a headache–by visiting the DMV on a less busy day. Taking care of your car requires more than a few tune-ups now and then.

Make the New Year’s resolution to improve your organization when it comes to service records.


5. Check Fluids And Wipers


Another physical resolution that you can make is to regularly check the fluids of your car as well as the windshield wipers. Besides the oil of your car, there are other fluids in your car that make it a happy, operating, machine.

Brake fluid, for example, ensures that your brakes work effectively without causing damage to the car. Without the fluid, those gears and machinery would grind against each other. This might cause them to break or fall off with enough pressure and resistance or wear. As such, you might suddenly find yourself unable to brake. This is a truly horrifying situation to find yourself in.

Fluids that you should check are:

  • brake fluid
  • transmission fluid
  • radiator water
  • power steering fluid
  • air conditioning coolant
  • and windshield washer fluid


You likely won’t realize what an important job all of these fluids have until you’re suddenly out of it. Power steering fluid helps you turn that steering wheel. Without it, turning can be quite difficult, and your car will make some unpleasant sounds. Your wipers are pretty ineffective, too, if they don’t have any liquid to wash the window with.

Speaking of wipers, they also need to be changed. They take damage over time and become less effective. Take the time to change them, so you can be sure they’re ready to use come the next big rain or snowstorm.



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