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What you should know about Transmission Flushes

What Happens If You Don't Flush Your Vehicle's Transmission?

Why Are Transmission Flushes Essential for Vehicle Maintenance?

In order to ensure efficiency and dependability, your automobile needs to be regularly maintained. A critical component of your vehicle is its transmission. The transmission manages the driver’s acceleration- and deceleration-related gear changes. Flushes of your transmission are essential for maintaining a smooth ride and functional gear shifting, regardless of whether it’s manual or automatic.

You can depend on your vehicle to consistently get you from Point A to Point B by using BG services — including for your transmission — to keep your vehicle in excellent running shape.


What Can Happen If You Don’t Flush Your Transmission

Transmission fluid is necessary for your vehicle’s manual transmission system because it helps maintain a consistent temperature for the system and prevents detrimental friction between its moving components. But, due to the fact that transmission fluid absorbs heat to maintain a constant temperature, it starts to degrade and burn over time. If you wait too long to flush the transmission fluid, your transmission will start to deteriorate from the inside out. This can be avoided by changing the fluid at regular intervals.

If an owner puts off getting his or her vehicle’s transmission flushed, they run the danger of inflicting major damage. It’s essential to have the transmission flushed because the transmission fluid will eventually get contaminated with filth and worn down.

Transmission Flush Pressure control solenoid or valve control unit of an automatic transmission

If the transmission fluid isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, the vehicle can ultimately have difficulty changing smoothly from one gear to the next. The vehicle’s gears may grind together, slide, or shift slowly. There’s a possibility that the vehicle could get stuck in neutral, or the transmission could overheat. If you wait too long between flushes of your transmission, your car might end up needing costly repairs, such as having its transmission rebuilt or replaced.

Rebuilding a transmission isn’t cheap. The transmission is one of a car’s most expensive parts. Sets of gears for transmissions can cost hundreds of dollars just by themselves. Replacement costs for a whole transmission can cost thousands. Hourly labor charges also add up for rebuilding or replacement; these are costs you definitely want to avoid if you can. The best way to eliminate these costs is via preventative maintenance, i.e., a BG transmission flush.



BG Products Provide Excellent Service

BG is a well-known producer of top-notch car repair and service products intended to improve any vehicle’s effectiveness and performance. We have firsthand experience with BG products, so we’re confident about their ability to clean, repair, and preserve car components. For our personal automobiles, the fleet vehicles we service, and those of our customers, we choose BG products. Making use of specific BG products for vehicle maintenance is often referred to in the industry as providing “BG services.”

In many situations, we’ll be able to tell right away if maintenance will be able to solve an issue with a vehicle. In some situations, we might advise using BG services for maintenance work to ensure that a costly replacement of a key component can be avoided. In almost every case, it’s preferable to take a preventative approach to maintenance before issues arise.


BG Service for Your Transmission

Your transmission could benefit from servicing if it chatters, stalls, shifts slowly, or slips. Checking the color of your vehicle’s transmission fluid is a quick method to detect the state of your transmission. If the fluid is a brilliant red color, it doesn’t need to be changed; however, if the color is more “burned” and brownish, you should bring your vehicle in for a BG transmission flush.

A BG transmission flush removes the old fluid and any debris that’s been suspended in it, suspends and dissolves any particulate deposits, and replaces the transmission fluid with fresh, premium fluid that has seal conditioners, oxidation inhibitors, and additional high-performance additives.



Contact Mac’s Radiator Today for Auto Repair You Can Trust

By ensuring that your car runs at its best for longer durations, BG transmission flushes save you the stress of dealing with breakdowns, especially when you least expect them. Regular flushes play a significant role in ensuring that your vehicle is well-maintained and that its parts last a long time. Call one of our six Oregon and Idaho locations today to speak with Mac’s Radiator about BG transmission flushes and other BG services we offer.



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