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  • This is the best auto shop in Portland!! The mechanics are awesome, the rates are amazing the service is fast and friendly!! A special thank you to a great mechanic and a man I get to personally call my friend, Kevin, for always taking such good care of my car! I honestly don’t know much about cars and Mac’s always keeps my car looking and running great!!Brittany D
  • Mac’s is honest, won’t recommend work you don’t need and does quality work for a fair price. I drive all the way from North Vancouver to get work done there. They’ve earned my trust and respect over many years.Douglas C

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Your vehicle is just like your home. You want it to stay crisp and cool even in those hot summer months when family travel is so common. Mac’s Car AC service is one of our major services here at MAC’s Radiator. A full service repair shop located here in beautiful Idaho and Oregon, the folks here want to make sure that your vehicle stays both mobile and crisp and cool in summer months. How do we make that dream a reality?

We Know AC Systems

Your AC system requires fully functioning components and lubricants to do its job properly. When any of these components are out of whack or you don’t have the right lubricant for the job, your AC can putter out. We all have known the frustration of turning on our life-saving car AC system and being greeted with nothing but a disappointing blast of hot air. MAC’s is fully trained to inspect and diagnose AC problems. We have state of the art equipment and a team highly trained in AC systems to get the job done.

Recognize the Symptoms of a Bad AC

No AC is bad when it’s working, but no AC is good when it’s not. Don’t settle for a partially working AC or one that works part of the time. Our team can listen to the symptoms of your AC’s troubles and then diagnose the problem quickly. For example, here are just a few signs that your AC isn’t living up to its potential:


  • The first most obvious sign of a problem will be the AC’s air being “warmer” instead of cold and crisp like it once was
  • Loud noises from the AC are a frequent sign of trouble
  • Leaks from the AC
  • AC won’t come on at all
  • AC blows nothing but hot air

Complete Range of AC Services

We don’t just check for one thing when we inspect and diagnose your car AC. We check for everything. A few of an AC’s most frequent problems are with the condenser or air compressor, but there are many things that can go wrong with a car’s AC. Our highly trained and experienced certified auto mechanics are 100% ready to find out what’s bugging your car’s air conditioner.

When you bring your vehicle to us, we are capable of inspecting the AC, changing freon as needed, replace or repair hoses and other components of your AC, and then go back through the whole system to do a performance check.

Our Team is Friendly and Fair

No one wants to pay too much for any service. When you go to a repair shop to fix you vehicle’s air conditioning, you need to make sure that the team you’re working with is up front about estimates and pricing policies, friendly to you and welcoming, and more than willing to negotiate repayment terms if need be.

For example, you may need financing on your AC repair. Our team can take care of that for you, too. As a complete AC all-in-one stop, we know how to give our customers options so that they’re never stuck in an arrangement that harms them in any way. Money is important. We protect yours by pricing our services honestly and fairly.


Comfortable Wait

No one wants to visit a repair shop unless the environment is comfortable and cozy. We keep a full range of magazines and refreshments on hand for our loyal customers to enjoy while they wait on us to perform a repair. We also give you free Wi-Fi while you wait. As always, it’s the little things that mean the most to customers. No one wants to face an AC issue, and we understand that. However, if you must have your AC repaired, why not have it repaired at a service shop like Mac’s that believes in treating their customers right?

Contact Mac’s Radiator Today

If you’re feeling a little too warm in your vehicle this summer and the old AC isn’t blasting out cold, fresh air like it should be, it might be that it’s time to get in touch with the professionals who can fix your problem. We’ll listen to your concerns, get your vehicle down here for an inspection, and we’ll promptly and correctly diagnose the problem so that you can hit the road with fresh air next time. There’s no better time to service an AC than in the summer when it’s most needed, but we perform AC inspections all year round for your convenience. We look forward to keeping your AC healthy and happy for years to come. When it’s right for you, give us a call.

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