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checking the engine oil level during an oil changeDon’t ignore those screeching sounds your car is making. Those screeches are your brakes crying out for help! Brakes are considered the most critical safety feature of your car.

When getting your brakes checked by Mac’s Automotive and Radiator Repairs, you can take comfort in knowing that your car is in safe hands. The team at Mac’s puts safety first and is committed to delivering the highest quality automotive services.

At Mac’s Radiator, we care about our community. Driving around with failing brakes is extremely dangerous, and it puts everyone’s safety at risk.


Your car’s braking system explained

Brakes are the most critical safety component in your car. When you drive your vehicle in crowded spots, the busy roads cause frequent stopping, starting, and swerving, adding extra stress on your car’s braking system. Each time you put your foot on the brake pedal, your car’s braking system is working to create the necessary friction to slow down or completely stop your vehicle.

Your car’s braking system comprises of these critical parts: brake pads, rotor/disc, drum, caliper, and brake lines. Elements such as brake pads and rotors will wear out gradually over time.

Let’s explore some of the tell-tale signs that your car potentially has brake issues.


Signs that your car needs brake service

There are several different ways that your car is trying to tell you there are brake problems. Use your senses to make sense of what is happening to your car.

You can feel vibrations

Is your brake pedal vibrating or pulsating when you put your foot down? Car vibrations are a sign that your brake pads are wearing thin or are warping under intense heat due to constant braking. Another reason you may be feeling the vibrations is due to one of your calipers is stuck.

Your brakes feel weak, soft, or mushy

Do your brakes feel spongy or squishy? Your brakes could be like this because there is air in the brake lines, failing calipers, or that it may need more fluid in the master cylinder. Symptoms are signs of more significant problems that indicate that your brakes need checking.

Listen up!

Ever pulled up at a set of traffic lights, and your car is screeching? Then everyone around you looks at you as you sink into the car seat while waiting in anticipation for the lights to go green. Screeching, squealing, clicking, and grinding sounds could mean your brake pads are wearing thin and need replacing.

Pulling against you

Is your car pulling in a specific direction when you apply the brakes? This is a sign that your brakes might be starting to fail. Uneven brake pads increase the likelihood of an accident. Get the team at Mac’s to check your car immediately.


Mac’s Brake Services

Stay safe by taking preventative measures with your brakes. If you experience any of the symptoms outlined above, it means that you have waited too long to have your brakes inspected.

When our expert mechanics inspect your brakes, we’ll find the problem and recommend the best course of action. Here are different types of services that Mac’s Repairs may undertake to repair your car’s braking system:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake disc/rotor and drum machining, resurfacing or replacing
  • Brake caliper replacement
  • Brake lines/hose replacement
  • Complete brake system replacement


When is the best time to get your brakes serviced?

There is no exact time or mileage when you should get your brakes inspected. Some systems need to be checked after 25,000 miles while others are fine and will be alright until 75,000 miles.

While others say that the rule of thumb is that you should aim to get your brakes checked every six months at the same time when you have your tires rotated. If you drive more regularly than an average driver, then you should aim to get your brakes inspected even more frequently.

The good news is that your brake light will come on in more modern cars to let you know it is time to get your brakes serviced.


Next steps

At Mac’s Automotive and Radiator Repairs, we aim to deliver the best possible automotive service to our local community. We are committed to delivering the highest quality service because we understand how important your car is to you.

Instead of waiting for a component of your car’s braking system to fall apart, take matters into your own hands. Talk to the team about getting your brakes inspected at the same time as your oil change.

If you have any questions or would like to book your car in for a brake service, click here to contact your local Mac’s Auto shop or complete our online appointment form.

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