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Why You Might Need a Custom Radiator

Is your vehicle optimized for performance? The radiator plays an important role in protecting the engine from overheating, especially high-performance motors. Depending on your vehicle and how you use it, you may want to upgrade from the OEM radiator to a customized option. Custom radiators will help to ensure the longevity of your engine and radiator through improved cooling. Is your ride ready for what lies ahead on the road?


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Replace a Plastic Radiator

Some manufacturers opt for plastic radiators to reduce costs in the cooling system. While plastic radiators cost less, the lower price comes at the cost of a greater chance of cracking. Plus, these models don’t provide as efficient cooling as their metal counterparts.

If you have an OEM plastic radiator, consider upgrading to an all-metal custom radiator. Copper, brass, steel, or aluminum radiators offer the benefit of stronger construction that while operating better at dissipating heat from the engine than plastic. Improved heat dissipation will ensure that the engine avoids overheating.



Reduce Vehicle Weight for Performance

Occasionally, drivers of performance vehicles opt for aluminum radiators to reduce overall weight while still having adequate cooling from the radiator. A custom radiator that balances weight and engine heat removal can lower the overall vehicle’s weight, allowing for better performance.



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Accommodate an Enhanced Engine

If you make changes to upgrade your engine, you may also need to upgrade the radiator to keep up with the extra heat produced by a larger engine. Additionally, you may require a resized radiator that still offers cooling performance in a form that fits under the hood with your newly upgraded engine.

With a custom radiator, the unit fits better under your hood and will meet your engine’s cooling requirements. Without adequate cooling, your newly enhanced engine could overheat and sustain severe damage. Don’t let it happen, include a custom radiator in your plans when improving your engine.



Improve Under Hood Appearance

For some car owners, the appearance of the engine is important, especially with show cars or similar vehicles. If you have an enhanced vehicle that you take to car shows, the radiator’s appearance is just as important as its performance. Poorly fitting off-the-shelf radiators held in place with numerous brackets don’t look great under the hood. Plus, if the radiator does not fit well under the hood, you have a greater chance of damaging its components when in use.

Correct installation of the radiator with the right brackets and placement around tie rods and other components is vital to preserving the integrity of the radiator. Get a custom radiator and professional installation that will fit well and look great.



Meet the Needs of an Intense Work Environment

Some vehicles have more intense cooling requirements due to heavy workloads. Custom radiators offer enhanced cooling, more durable cores, and better performance than OEM models for special work situations. Industries that commonly require more robust radiators under the hoods of their vehicles include forestry, mining, shipping, trucking, construction, material handling, and similar industrial-strength vehicles. Make sure that your radiator meets the needs of your job with a custom model under the hood.




Schedule an Appointment for Your Custom Radiator from Mac’s Radiators and Automotive Services

Performance vehicles, show cars, and industrial trucks may not have enough cooling from OEM radiators. Make sure that your vehicle has the right radiator to meet its engine’s cooling requirements. At Mac’s Radiator and Automotive Services, we’re the experts on radiators and automotive services in the Portland, Oregon, area and are ready to create a cooling system for your vehicle’s specific needs. Schedule an appointment now at your nearest Mac’s Radiator and Automotive Services to get a custom radiator for your vehicle.





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At Mac’s Radiator, our goal is to provide you with top-notch customer service with the products and skills you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. We specialize in custom radiator manufacturing and fabrication, but our extensive catalog and service options cover a wide range of products:

  • Radiators
  • Air Conditioning
  • Charge Air Coolers
  • Electric Cooling Fan Assemblies
  • Exhaust
  • Gas Tanks
  • Heaters
  • Fan Blades
  • Fan Clutches
  • Oil Coolers
  • Cooling Systems

In addition, we have a convenient online store for your perusal including a whole set of custom-made and restored items. Mac’s Radiator is also proud to offer wholesale accounts to our valued business partners.



Mac's Radiator is the best mechanic to help you with all of your mechanic needs!  Let Macs help you - we are located in 6 convenient locations, for when you need us close to home, or when you're on the road.




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