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Car Battery Needing a Jump-Start in Snow

There are only a few things that can bring more frustration than your car failing you in the morning. Cold weather can cause your car’s battery to malfunction, and some drivers may not understand why. However, by educating yourself on the facts, you will be able to avoid dealing with dead batteries during these frosty months.

In winter months especially, the sub-zero temperatures slow down the rate of chemical reactions required to fire up the battery and start the vehicle. Moreover, cold temperatures also make it hard for the engine to start thus making it require more power from the battery.


Additionally, below zero weather can freeze the battery. While a fully-charged battery is unlikely to freeze, one that is not fully-charged is susceptible to freezing. People also tend to use their cars much less during the cold months than in other times of the year. This is often what leads to a battery [...]

holiday travel tips for winter driving

holiday travel tips for winter driving

Whether by plane, train, or automobile, Holiday travel has a reputation for being stressful. Traveling by car can be particularly stressful since it means remaining diligent throughout your trip. Heavy traffic, bad weather, and distractions only add to it. This creates the perfect scenario for an auto accident or collision that can lead to needing major car repairs. Play it safe this year and make sure you’re prepared to hit the road by following these tips:




Make Sure Your Vehicle is Maintained

Breakdowns on the highway are inconvenient, dangerous, and cause a traffic snag for everyone else on the road- especially travelling during the holidays when it can be wet and icy on the roads. Make sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road by having the tires inspected and fluids topped off. If there [...]

holiday travel tips for winter driving

Make the most of the new year by considering these New Year’s Resolutions for your car. There’s no sense in letting your car fall apart for the new year.

As such, with the new year ringing in, you may want to consider some of these resolutions to make sure your car’s health is as fit and revitalized as your own.

This article will discuss some of the top resolutions you can make for the longevity of your car. After all, you promised to improve your own health. Why not make sure your vehicle is healthy, too?


New Years Resolutions for Car Owners

1. Oil Changes


You probably don’t think much about your car’s oil until you suddenly find yourself low on oil or your car makes that inevitable ding and informs you that it needs a change.

However, oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. [...]

Do you dread driving your car during winter?

You are not alone my friend.

Freezing temperatures reduce visibility, impede friction on the road and lower your vehicle’s performance. It is a terrible period for every driver. However, if you have been wondering how you can get your car ready for winter, you’re in luck. We have all the right tricks and tips to ensure that the next cold season is not all doom and gloom.

We have all faced nerve-wracking situations when the temperatures drop. Sometimes your car may get stuck and fail to make it up the hill or just refuse to start in the morning when you’re getting ready to go to work. With a little pre-planning though, you can kiss such scenarios goodbye.

Here are a few areas to which you should pay attention.

1. Is the cold bad for car batteries?

Although high temperatures will take a bigger toll on your car [...]

Car Trouble From Cold Weather

In many parts of the country the winter weather is not only chilly, but also harmful to your car. From the wheels to the windshield, Mac’s Automotive Service & Radiator Repair has the low down on ways the cold affects your vehicle and how to prevent it.

Car Trouble From Cold Weather

Four Ways Cold Can Damage Your Car

Windshield and Wiper Damage

Ice, rocks, and salt do a number on your windshield and wipers during the cold season. Modern windshields are durable, but may still crack when mistreated. Never wash your car with hot water in winter, even if you are trying to remove ice from the glass. Use the proper coolant and winter windshield wiper fluid for cleaning. If you are expecting ice or sleet, leave the wiper blades up or even remove them so they [...]

Cold Weather Car Tips

“Should I warm up my car engine before driving off?” This question is common among drivers across America. For Pacific Northwest dwellers, it comes up every winter. During this period, balmy temperatures turn cold and there’s a flurry of rain storms. So, keeping one’s car running at top condition becomes a concern. Yet, warming up a car does more harm than good.

Cold Weather Car Tips

3 Reasons You Should NOT Warm Up Your Car’s Engine When It’s Cold You waste gas.

The average Joe checks gas prices on a regular basis hoping to fill up for less. Thus, it’s important to understand that warming up a car wastes this precious liquid. How? Idling a car in low temperatures causes more fuel to flow into the engine. As a consequence, you use extra gas versus getting into [...]

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