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Traveling in a car with no air conditioning

Sometimes it happens that you have to go on a trip in the hot season, and your car has no air conditioning or it is broken. What shall you do then? First of all, do not cancel your trip. Air conditioning may get broken in the middle of nowhere. You never know. Moreover, sometimes you cannot repair it as quickly as possible.

Air conditioning is one of those modern marvels most of us have grown used to by now—perhaps too used to. Believe it or not, people survived in the days before reliable, widely-available aircon, and you can, too. Here’s our guide on how to embrace the sweaty life without dying.

How to avoid overheating in summer

When the weather is hot, the biggest risk is dehydration. When your body lacks water, you risk being exposed to heat stroke — a common disease when a patient starts feeling unwell, his blood pressure becomes unstable, he feels dizzy and faint. Guess, there is no need to explain why this condition can be dangerous. Thus, you should use every chance to avoid dehydration.Here are some helpful tips:

  • Make sure you have enough pure water, as well as juice, different fruit drinks, mineral water (no alcohol!).
  • Wear natural fiber clothing. We recommend you to wear light colors.
  • Don’t forget to buy sunscreens. Their surface is covered with an aluminium reflection layer, thus, it helps to decrease the interior temperature.
  • Stock up on bottles of frozen water and put them against air ducts.
  • Buy a car fan. Auto parts stores offer a big variety of cheap 12-volt fans. You can mount them on a hood, rear window or the dashboard of your car. It is better to switch on the fan when the engine starts for the air to circulate through the cabin. It will help you to stay cool.
  • Wipe your face and body with a towel heavily moistened with a freezing solution.
  • if the traffic jam grew to more than an hour, take off your shoes. Heat will flow through your feet and you will feel better.
  • If you moisten your hair, you will also feel better. When moisture goes dry, your head gets cold.
  • That will be great if you take a travel fridge. It allows you not only to freeze bottles with water and put them in the cab of your car but also prepare lump ice.

We want you to enjoy the best cars this summer—not die in them. Know your limits and be careful, and you, too, can survive this summer. You may even grow to enjoy your status as Conqueror Of All That Is Heat, and laugh at all the puny weaklings who aren’t on your level.

Travel with pleasure even if the weather is hot!

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