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Why Do I Need to Get an Oil Change in Portland, OR?

You know that you are supposed to take your car to get an oil change in Portland, OR. But do you know why people are always telling you to get your oil changed or keep up with your oil change services? The key to keeping your car reliable and running it’s best is keeping up with your auto maintenance services, and learning what these auto maintenance services do for your automobile might persuade you to take better care of your car.

What does my car use motor oil for?

The first step to understanding why your car needs it’s oil changed is to understand what motor oil is used for in the first place. Motor oil is used in your vehicle’s engine, and it has several important jobs:

  • Motor oil protects a vehicle’s engine by lubricating the moving parts
  • Motor oil keeps critical auto parts in the engine at low temperatures
  • Motor oil keeps engine parts clean and clear of harmful deposits and debris

The bottom line is: without motor oil, your engine wouldn’t work. And without a working engine, your vehicle isn’t much more than a nice driveway decoration!

Why is getting an oil change important?

As you drive, the good motor oil in your car gets used up and you are left with oil that has collected dirt and debris. This is a normal process, as part of the oil’s job is to carry this dirt and debris away from the working engine parts. But now the dirt and debris is stuck in the oil. This is where the oil change comes in.

When your Portland auto repair professional performs your oil change service they remove the old, dirty oil and replace it with new, clean oil. This keeps your engine healthy, happy and running properly.

Driving with old, dirty oil is very bad for your engine. The debris that is in the oil gets circulated back throughout the engine, making it harder and harder for your engine to run. If not addressed, this can cause engine failure, which requires an expensive auto repair service. Not to mention that the harder your engine works, the more gas it burns – and that costs you extra gas money!

How does getting an oil change save me money?

Getting an oil change in Portland is a relatively inexpensive auto maintenance service to begin with. Plus, when the alternative will require expensive auto repairs due to engine failure or other automotive issues, keeping up with your oil changes in Portland makes even more sense!

Check the owner’s manual for your vehicle to see what kind of oil the manufacturer recommends you use on your automobile, as well as how often you should get your oil changed.

Getting your oil change keeps your vehicle running and saves you money, so make sure you are taking care of your preventative car maintenance services and getting your oil changed in Portland, OR on a regular basis!




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