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Air Conditioning System Flushing Procedure

Safety First

Always Use Eye Protection! 

  1. A/C system refrigerant must be completely recovered using approved equipment in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.
  2. Disconnect all hoses from components to be flushed. Remove the orifice tube which is located in the liquid line or at the condenser or evaporator, or the expansion valve.
  3. Remove the cap. Add gpd flush 8011256 (or equivalent) to cylinder. Replace the cap. All flush cylinder connections must be tight.
    • Never Flush the A/C compressor, the orifice tube, the expansion valve, the accumulator, or the receiver drier
  4. It is generally advisable to first “back-flush”, flushing from outlet to inlet on condensers and evaporators, to dislodge debris. Then flush the component from inlet to outlet.
  5. To prevent spraying of flush, oil, and other debris, attach a hose or optional flush capture hose to the exit end of the component to be flushed. Place the hose in a suitable container to capture the used flush solvent.
  6. With the cylinder in an upright position, pressurize flush container or attach compressed air to cylinder and fill to 70-100 psi.
  7. Insert the tip of the flush gun into the component to be flushed. Press handle on gun to release flushing agent. Continue to flush until all contaminants have been removed. Repeat as necessary.
  8. Dispose of flush solvent in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.
  9. Make A/C system repairs and evacuate for a minimum of 30 minutes to make sure system will hold a vacuum.
  10. Add refrigerant and perform a leak and performance test.

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