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5 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

For many people, a visit to the mechanic can be daunting. In fact, according to a study by Cooper Tires, 54% of Americans feel intimidated when dealing with a car mechanic.

The good news is, no mechanic expects you to be an expert when you bring their car into the shop. But if you want to feel more confident, here are some questions to ask your mechanic to make sure you are getting the service your vehicle needs.


Car mechanic man at the garage fixing the engine. Hands of car mechanic with wrench in garage. Close up hands of unrecognizable mechanic doing car service and maintenance. Auto Service Business Concept. Pro Car Mechanic Taking Care of Vehicle. Checking Under the Car Hood. There are 5 questions to ask your mechanic to make you feel confident in their work


5 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic


1. Do you regularly work on the same make and model of my car?

Some mechanics specialize in specific types of cars or have their team members certified to work on certain makes and models. Taking your car to a specialized mechanic could ensure you receive the right level of support and care — especially if you own a sports car or vintage vehicle.

2. Do you provide free estimates?

Before you let your mechanic diagnose the issues your car may have, it’s important to ensure they provide free estimates. It’s also important to find out the total cost of repairs — is it a flat fee or is it at an hourly rate?

3. Are your parts and services under warranty?

Be sure to check how warranties work at your mechanic. You’ll want to find out what is covered and for how long or how many miles.

4. Do you have financing options?

Car repairs can be expensive. If you are worried about the bill, it’s important to ask your mechanic if you are expected to pay ahead of time. At the same time, you need to ask your mechanic what their financing options are. Questions about payment are some of the most important questions to ask your mechanic before any work begins.

5. Will you confirm any changes to my service before making them?

Because auto repairs don’t always go as planned, there are sometimes changes to the maintenance plan. Be sure to confirm with your mechanic that they will run any changes past you prior to making them — especially if those changes result in a price increase.

Having these questions on hand will help you more prepared and more confident that your car will be fixed by the right person.



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