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4 Ways the Cold Damages Your Car and How To Stop It

In many parts of the country the winter weather is not only chilly, but also harmful to your car. From the wheels to the windshield, Mac’s Automotive Service & Radiator Repair has the low down on ways the cold affects your vehicle and how to prevent it.

Car Trouble From Cold Weather

Four Ways Cold Can Damage Your Car

Windshield and Wiper Damage

Ice, rocks, and salt do a number on your windshield and wipers during the cold season. Modern windshields are durable, but may still crack when mistreated. Never wash your car with hot water in winter, even if you are trying to remove ice from the glass. Use the proper coolant and winter windshield wiper fluid for cleaning. If you are expecting ice or sleet, leave the wiper blades up or even remove them so they don’t freeze to the glass overnight.

Windshield Wiper Damage From Cold

Tire Problems

As the weather gets chilly, your tire pressure will also drop. This can increase road friction and wear down the tire tread prematurely. Its important to keep an eye on tire pressure, checking it after the temperature falls and adding more air as needed. Certain brands of tires are still made with rubber, which hardens in the cold and reduces gripping ability. If this is a problem for you, consider switching to winter tires made with alternative materials before it gets cold.

Battery Issues

Cold temperatures can leak voltage from your car battery, lowering its charge below the point needed to start a vehicle. Try to park in a garage as much as possible to prevent this. Car owners should also have their batteries checked before winter and replace older ones. Batteries less than three years old are at their peak charge and are less likely to have problems in the cold.

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Engine Fluids Thickening

Even the additive-rich fluids in your engine can thicken and get sluggish in winter. Before this happens, have your fluids checked and topped off. It is especially good to get your antifreeze checked out and add a concentrated solution to the engine that is more resistant to freezing.

Prepare your vehicle for winter with an appointment at your local Mac’s Automotive Service & Radiator Repair shop.



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